Pilates is a Body Conditioning method, which combines strength and flexibility training in a different way to other fitness methods.



It improves Posture by targeting deep postural muscles, creates longer, leaner muscles helping you to look more toned rather than bulky and reduces stress.

Correct Breathing, good Alignment and Centering are focused on throughout this method too thus providing a balanced workout which is sutible for all ages and abilities.

It is low impact, but still builds bone density whilst iimproving joint mobility and therefore recomended by health professionals.

Joseph Pilates who developed this method listed eight principles that underpin the approach to the teaching and practice of pilates.

These eight principles are covered when practicing pilates.

Concentration Relaxation Alignment Breathing

Centering Coordination Flowing movements Stamina




1:1 or small group work offered in the outdoors, such as the beach or the park or can be done in your own surroundings.



Concessions for Students and Over 60's  

Recommend for those who have not done pilates before to have a 1:1 session before starting a class. If you are doing it with a friend you could double up