Sports Massage

This can be done for anyone with general complaints and need not apply just to those taking part in sports or with injuries. It is very beneficial for reducing stress and tension that builds up in the muscles brought by everyday physical and emotional stress. Work related stress and postural problems are very often treated with sports and remedial massage techniques.

Sports massage is the technique of kneading and manipulating soft tissue in order to help prevent sports injuries, treat injuries already incurred and improve performance with pre and post event massage. As participation in sports becomes more popular at all ages, and performances improve from year to year, more is demanded of the athlete. This can mean that performances which were seen as outstanding twenty years ago are now commonplace. Mentally and physically, psychologically and emotionally, athletes are pushing themselves to deliver more and more, and they are looking for innovative and effective ways to improve their performances.

Seated accupressure massage (on-site massage)

Seated acupressure massage is taken from an ancient Japanese style of massage called Anma. It works on relieving the muscles of any tension and also covers specific pressure points helping to create a sense of balance and well-being. The massage is done with the client fully clothed and requires no oil. Seated acupressure massage is a great reliever of stress and tension that builds up from everyday things leaving you calm, energised and alert.


  • Promotes a sense of well being
  • Lowers pulse and blood pressure
  • Balances the nervous system
  • Is an immediate stress buster!
  • Reduces occurrence of stress related illness' e.g. RSI
  • Makes a more productive and happier employee!

Seated acupressure massage is ideal for private and corporate work. I visit a number of big companies at the moment for corporate work and it is an a positive way in which to reduce stress in the work place and promote a healthier and more productive place. Some of the companies enjoying the benefits of on-site massage include:

MediaCom www.mediacom.com

Last FM www.lastfm.com

Huddle www.huddle.net

Clintons solicitors

Outlook market research www.outlookresearch.co.uk


Jane offers a fantastic service ‚ she is professional, friendly and very good at what she does. All our staff really look forward to her visits!
Louise White ‚ Office Manager, Huddle